Delicious Dairy!

Did you ever milk a cow at school?

This month the KHCC preschoolers learned all about dairy products! We “milked a cow” using a plastic glove filled with milk, and talked about all the different foods you can make from milk: cheese, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt and more! We also talked about how healthy dairy products help your bones and teeth stay healthy and strong! You can try making these healthy, delicious yogurt parfaits with your children at home: it’s easy! Use plain yogurt, whole grains such as oats or cereal, fresh fruit like apples, bananas or berries cut into pieces, or dried fruit like raisins to make a delicious, healthy snack filled with protein and vitamins! You can also add cinnamon or a touch of honey for extra sweetness. The kids loved “putting on their chef hats” to make and eat these delicious treats!




To learn more, please feel free to contact / Para aprender más, contactarse con:

Yael Gottlieb, Community Health Educator with Bon Secours Healthy Communities Initiative





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