Squish Some Squash!

This Thanksgiving season the KHCC preschoolers used all of our senses to learn about pumpkins and their cousins, the squash family! They learned that pumpkins grow on vines from the ground, and that if you knock on them they sound hollow because the insides are filled with seeds.


We introduced some of my favorite squash in season this time of year, butternut squash and acorn squash and even spaghetti squash! They’re all different, but we could see how they are related.


Cutting the squash open and finding the seeds and stringy “spaghetti” squash inside was so much fun.We also learned about the seeds and how they can be planted, baked to create a delicious snack for older children and adults, or even blended and used as an alternative to peanut butter- carrots or celery with some sunflower seed butter is one of my favorite snacks!


Try exploring these great winter vegetables with your children at home! The leftovers can make a delicious soup for the whole family this thanksgiving! Enjoy!



Photos and post by Yael Gottlieb, Community Health Educator

Please feel free to contact us!

Email: HCI_NYC@bshsi.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BSNY.HCI


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