Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

Who says holiday season has to be ALL unhealthy? Last week the preschoolers at KHCC Head Start learned all about pumpkins, and even made our own— out of a clementine! Try teaching your child about healthy eating with fun activities like this one!

We talked about the different parts of the fruit, such as the peel and the seeds, and the fact that clementines and other members of the citrus family are winter fruits, so we should be seeing more and more of them soon!


We also talked about how some fruits and vegetables grow on vines, like melons and pumpkins. We then made our own “vines” for our clementine pumpkins out of celery!


The pumpkins turned out great- time to eat and enjoy! Wishing you a happy, healthy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Bon Secours Healthy Communities!


Photos and post by Yael Gottlieb, Community Health Educator

Please feel free to contact us!

Email: HCI_NYC@bshsi.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BSNY.HCI


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