Healthy Holidays 5 Easy Ways

The holidays are a whirlwind of festivities. With tempting treats and drinks, every event may seem like an excuse to splurge. This year, navigate holiday celebrations the healthy way so you can embrace the cheer, not unwanted pounds. These 5 tips are so effortless you won’t even miss the extra brownie.


Set yourself up for success – Have a high-fiber snack, such as an apple, before the big event. You’ll be less tempted to overdo it.

Have a game plan – Tempting treats will abound. Before you blindly binge, take a moment to make conscious choices. Identify worthwhile indulgences and those foods you can do without.

Out of sight, out of mouth – Move your conversation away from the buffet and out of the line of passed bites to minimize temptation that leads to unconscious nibbling.

Choose wisely – Load your plate first with vegetables and other low-calorie options. In the space that’s left, add heftier proteins and carbs (think steak and mashed potatoes). Bonus: research suggests we consume the largest portions of the foods we eat first, so you’re well on your way if you start with healthful choices.

Drinks count too – So start with water instead of a cocktail. Then, for every boozy beverage, drink one glass of water. You’ll not only stay hydrated and stave off that hangover, but drinking water before eating is associated with smaller intake.


Written by Jennifer Markowitz


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