A tasty, healthy Thanksgiving in 5 easy steps

How to eat in moderation on the holiday whose premise is, well, eating? Follow these five mindful steps can help you enjoy the food, the company, and still have room for leftovers the next day.

Eat during the day: It seems counterintuitive because you’ll be tempted to save room for the big meal, but fasting all day only means you’ll be more likely to overdo it at dinner. Start the day with breakfast that includes protein and fiber. Think a spinach omelet with whole-wheat toast or oatmeal and yogurt with fruit. Have a small lunch or snack before the feast – again, aim to eat a mix of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

See what it’s all about: Yes, Thanksgiving is a day for eating, but so is every other day of the year. Try foregoing appetizers and heaping portions in favor of quality conversations to take advantage time spent with friends and family – the part that truly makes Thanksgiving special.

Serve yourself: Buffets can be the ultimate danger zone. Instead of falling for the trap, see the buffet as an opportunity to take control. Don’t waste calories on foods you can have all year long. Instead, serve yourself small portions of your favorite Thanksgiving fare, focusing on those treats you eat only once a year so you can get the most out of the holiday.

Skip seconds: One plate at dinner means more leftovers, and more room for dessert!

Eat pie like a pro: It’s a day for family, so at dessert time find a sweet-toothed buddy or two. Split slices of pie and chunks of cookies among all of you. By eating a little bit of a lot of different foods you sample the entire spread, but avoid the stomach pains that begin three pieces of pumpkin pie later.


By Jennifer Markowitz.


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