Banana Bugs!

This week the preschoolers at the KHCC Head Start made a delicious, healthy treat! Encourage your child to make healthy choices by making fun, interactive activities such as this one that help expose your children to healthy foods in a fun, interactive and multi-sensory way! This easy activity is a great one to try at school or at home.


Banana Bugs Recipe:


  • bananas (cut into thirds, with the peel on)
  • cheerios or raisins for your “bugs” eyes
  • pretzels for wings (whole grain, salt-free)


Give each child a piece of the banana. Explain how bananas grow: in warm climates, on trees, in bunches, etc. Point out the different parts of the banana: the stem that attaches it to the tree, the yellow peel outside. Ask your child questions to make sure they understand: where does a banana grow? Can you point to the stem? What is the first thing we have to do before we eat the banana?


Once your child has a good grasp on knowledge about the fruit, its time to play! Children at this age may not want to taste certain foods at first, so giving them an opportunity to touch and smell it goes a long way towards making them feel comfortable with the food. Once they know what it is and have a change to explore it, they are much more likely to actually eat it.


Making your banana bug:

Teach your child to unreel the banana. Stick in two pretzels as wings, and two cheerios or raisins as eyes: the bananas are soft enough that you can attach everything by simply pushing gently. Feel free to add other healthy additions to decorate your bug (sunflower or pumpkin seeds, for example). Then eat and enjoy!


Photos and post by: Yael Gottlieb, Community Educator

Please feel free to contact us!




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