Apple Tasting!

Apple Tasting!


Having trouble getting your little taster to try new, healthy foods? There are lots of techniques to try that will make meal and snack times more fun for you and your children! Last week the KHCC Head Start did a taste test with different colored apples! The children learned all about how apples grow. Then they tasted different types of apples and voted on their favorites. Finally, each class made a class tree, and each child contributed by drawing his or her favorite type of apple from the taste test.


3 and 4 year olds learning about how fruits and vegetables grow! This is a quick, easy and fun activity, and the kids learned a lot: here you can see students teaching their friends about seeds! Feel free to try this activity at home or at school, with any fruit or vegetable, to form healthy eating habits early!

IMG_1463 IMG_1464


Photos and post by: Yael Gottlieb, Community Educator

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