Holiday Afterfect

Holiday Afterfect

by Omena El*

So! The holidays have passed and it’s the start of a New Year and New You! This is a time when gym memberships increase astronomically. Everyone’s ready to get started on their New Years Resolution to lose weight, enhance their financial stability, and just improve the overall quality of their life.

Does this sound like you? I call this type of motivation the Holiday Afterfect.

It is a time when we are ready to take action towards all of the temptations we gave into over the holiday and have a lasting effect upon our mind, body, and soul. So are you ready to hear some helpful insights on how to shed those extra pounds of cake, pies, turkey, ham, and other saturated fats and sugars?

Después del Año Nuevo siempre las personas empiezan a pensar en la salud.  ¿Estas lista de escuchar algunos consejos como bajar de peso después de los días festivos y empezar a vivir un estilo de vida más saludable?

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I encourage my clients to check in emotionally to the inner dialogue they have around food and their weight. There’s no sense in negatively judging your food choices. Holding guilt is an unproductive result as well. Be accountable around the choices you make and never speak any words of condemnation toward yourself about over indulging in food consumption.

The fun thing about this planet we call Earth, is that it is truly an open field of learning and never ending possibilities. So when we make unhealthy choices based on habit or residual patterns of learned behavior, we can always, ALWAYS make another choice.

Como una nutricionista holística le aconsejó a mis pacientes de escuchar a las voces de adentro acerca de sus elecciones de comida, y nunca ser negativa consigo mismo cuando a uno le cuesta  comer saludable. Es importante ser responsable con nuestras elecciones de comida, pero recordar ser positiva es importante también: si elegimos una comida no sana una vez, ¡siempre tenemos la oportunidad cambiar nuestra elección para el futuro!

We can learn by reading Nutrition and fitness books, magazines and by asking friends or family members who are well equipped with health and wellness knowledge.

Lucky for you, I happen to be an expert in this area of eating to enhance mental clarity, shed excess sugar weight, and learn the foods for your body type/season.

For starters a lot of the weight we have, settles usually around the belly/digestive system and underneath the arms, buttocks, and neck area. Where does this extra weight come from?

Sugar and wheat are the #1 contributors to most cases of weight gain. Hormonal changes and genetics are another reason, sleep deprivation, skipping meals, lack of consistent fitness regimen and just plain poor choices around health are major deterrents to optimal wellbeing.

¿De dónde viene el peso que subimos, durante los días  festivos especialmente y durante todo el año? Las 2 alimentos que contribuyen más a ganar peso son azúcar y trigo. Otras causas pueden ser cambios de hormonas, los genes, falta de dormir o de ejercicio y comer comidas no saludables. Por eso, aquí hay algunas consejos prácticos y fáciles que puedes empezar hoy:

So here are some practical solutions you can start implementing today:

1. Drink lots of water!

Right now we are in a winter season. Everything is drying out, and water is being depleted from the body. The first piece of advice I am going to give for managing weight gain is to first drink half of your body weight in ounces of room temperature or warm water. In fact any natural electrolyte enhanced drink is key.

Water is always the best because the human body is actually 70% water. So even if you’re drinking teas throughout the day or veggie broth, divide your body weight in pounds by half and drink.

I weigh 140 lbs so I would consume 70oz of room temperature lemon water throughout the day. I usually split that number in half and drink 35oz in the morning, and another 35 oz in early evening around 4-6 p.m.

Never drink too close to bedtime. Your last drink should be at least 2-3 hours before your bedtime.

1. ¡Beber mucho agua!

En el invierno el cuerpo esta muy seco. Nuestros cuerpos están compuestas de 70% agua, entonces necesitamos beber mucho! Si sabes cuanto pesas en libras, puedes dividir esta numero en 2 para conseguir el numero de onzas de agua que debes beber cada día. Por ejemplo, si pesas 140 lbs. debes beber 70 onzas agua cada día. Es mejor no beber justo antes de dormir, sino durante todo el día.

2. Eat some soup!

The winter is a time to consume fresh soup stocks! Vegetable soup with potatoes, celery, red onion, garlic, steamed kale, spinach, sea salt, cayenne pepper, turmeric, rosemary and thyme herb, are terrific, hearty options.

Chicken and beef stocks with similar vegetables and herbs and spices are also highly recommended. Quinoa is a great addition to the beef and chicken stocks.

Eat warm wholesome soups during the winter months along with steamed vegetables and leaner protein help to cut unhealthy fat, and drop extra pounds.

2. ¡Comer Sopa!

¡Invierno es el tiempo perfecto  de comer sopa! Sopa de verduras con papas, apio, cebolla, ajo, col rizada, cúrcuma, romero o tomillo son opciones fantásticos. También puedes hacer sopas de pollo o carne con estas verduras, y puedes añadir quínoa para una comida muy saludable.

3. Work out!

On top of eating these healthy foods, it is imperative to adapt a fitness plan that will produce effective results and bring enjoyment!

Working out is something that 55% of Americans dread doing.  However, it is imperative to increasing those endorphins (the happy hormone) that relieves stress caused by day-to-day city living and emotional trauma.

3. ¡Hacer ejercicio!

Fuera de comer comidas saludables, es necesario encontrar alguna forma de ejercicio que disfrutas.  ¿Sabes que el ejercicio te da unas hormonas, endorfinas, que te hace más feliz?! El ejercicio también ayuda bajar el estrés. ¡Hay muchas formas de ejercicio que puedes intentar hasta que encuentres algo que te gusta: caminar afuera, nadar,yoga, pilato, correr, bailar, cuidado de un jardín, o ser activo jugando con niños!

Now, I am part of 2 different group workouts and they are actually free so I don’t have to worry about fitness being affordable.

As a last recommendation, I suggest that you find a physical activity that you truly enjoy doing. It could be going for brisk walks, yoga, Pilates, running, dancing, gardening or being active with the children.

In closing, be patient with yourself, be clear about your choices, educate yourself, gradually implement the suggestions and most importantly pause and check in emotionally.

Mis consejos finales: ser paciente con sigo mismo, ser conciente de tus elecciones, educarse, cambiar a un estilo de vida más saludable de a poco y  poniéndo atención  también a tu vida emocional.



*Omena El, CHC, AADP is a Board Certified Nutrition Coach specializing in holistic nutrition. Learn more about her practice at

Translation and photos by: Yael Gottlieb


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