Superbowl Snacks!

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan, can’t wait for the winter olympics or a star-struck Oscars lover, we are heading into TV snacking season- so be prepared! There are a million different ways to snack happy and healthy this New Year: here are some tips to get you started!

Eres una entusiasta de fútbol, la Olimpíada o los Oscars? Estamos en la estación de programas de televisión, y ¡debemos estar preparados con aperitivos saludables y deliciosos! Algunas ideas para empezar:

Veggies and Hummus or Homemade Dip

Veggie sticks have all the crunch of chips, plus tons of nutrients! You can make yours out of different colored peppers, carrots, cucumber, even zucchini or jicama! While traditional dips might be loaded with fat and sugar, hummus is a natural dip made from chickpeas that is chock full of protein to keep you energized the entire game and beyond. If you’re craving a dairy-based dip, try making it yourself with fat free yogurt: you’ll be surprised how delicious and fresh it tastes! There are tons of recipes for yogurt-based dips online: for example, try

Verduras con hummus o salsa hecha en casa

Verduras tienen una textura parecida a la de papitas fritas, ¡pero con muchos nutrientes también! Puedes cortar pimientos de diferentes colores, zanahorias, pepino, apio, calabacín y comerlo con hummus, una salsa hecha de garbanzo que contiene mucha proteína. Si prefieres hacer una salsa en casa, hay muchas recetas que utilizan yogur griego o yogur natural sin grasa: ¡tiene sabor fresco, menos calorías y mucha proteína! Aquí esta una receta así:


Kale Chips

Did you miss our post about veggie chips last summer?  Its all here at You can make them with kale, swiss chard, or collard greens, and flavor them exactly the way you like them for an easy, delicious and healthy TV snack!

Chips de verduras

!Puedes utilizar col silvestre, acelga, col rizada, betarragas, camote o papa dulce para hacer chips con cualquieras especias que te gusta! Preparación:


Chickpea Crisps

Did you know you can bake chickpeas into crispy perfection? They are a delicious crunch-filled and protein-rich snack for game day (or any other time), and like kale chips they can be seasoned to your liking (salty, spicy, cheesy, etc.)! Here’s a great recipe by Katie at:

Aperitivo de garbanzo

¿Sabias que puedes poner garbanzos con especias en el horno como aperitivo? ¡Son deliciosos! Aquí hay una receta:


Crackers and Cheese

Never dismiss a classic! Whole grain crackers and low-fat mozzarella cheese are a delicious combination, and provide a healthy fiber and protein combo for game day. Add some salsa for an extra kick (and some extra “hidden” veggies, too)!

Galletas integrales con queso bajo en grasa

Añadir rodajas de tomates y salsa para hacerlos más picantes (y añadir algunas verduras escondidas también!)


Olives are a key part of the incredibly healthy Mediterranean diet! Rinse with water to remove extra, unwanted salt.


Aceitunas son un parte integral de la dieta mediterránea, que esta famosa para sus beneficios para la salud. Lavar en agua para reducir el contenido de sal si quieres.


Nuts and Seeds

Buy them raw and roast them yourself! My favorites are almonds with a touch of cinnamon.

Nueces y pepitas

¡Comprar crudo y hornear con cualquieras especias que te gusta! Mi favorito son almendras crudas con un poquito de canela.


Naturally Flavored Seltzer or Homemade Vitamin Water (instead of soda or beer!)

Sometimes we’re so focused on what we’re eating that we forget that what we drink is important, too! Your favorite athletes aren’t drinking cans and cans of soda or beer during the game, and neither should you. Try flavoring water or seltzer with different fruit combinations, making a big pitcher of ice tea (unsweetened or with natural sweeteners like stevia), or adding some 100% juice to make an orange or cranberry spritzer (without the extra 17 spoons of sugar the soda companies hide in a can)! You’ll be surprised at how much more energized you feel both during and after the game. Here are some drink ideas from our previous blog posts:

Bebidas hecha en casa

Tus jugadores favoritas no beben un montón de soda ni de cervezas, y no debes tampoco. Puedes hacer té helado sin azúcar o usando stevia, o puedes hacer agua o seltzer con diferentes frutas o un poco de jugo 100% para darte mucha más energía. Algunas ideas:


Most importantly, healthy snacks during game season are great, but don’t forget to go outside and play yourself! Exercise is key for health and happiness!

Lo más importante: ¡no olvidas a salir afuera y jugar! ¡Ejercicio es muy importante para una vida saludable y feliz!


Chickpea recipe and photo from:

Post and photos by: Yael Gottlieb


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