The Summer Harvest/ La Cosecha del Verano

Photos by Vanessa Berenstein


Yesterday we harvested 10 pounds of fresh vegetables with the kids from the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center during our summer camp nutrition and gardening program! We cut up our veggies and made it into a salad so that the kids could learn how to harvest and then cook using what they picked. Its important for the kids to establish this connection to their food early in life and for them its a special treat and a fun activity.

¡Ayer cosechamos 10 libras de verduras frescas con los niños del Centro Communitario de Kingsbridge Heights durante nuestro programa de nutrición y huertos en el campamento! Cortamos las verduras para hacer una ensalada. Los niños apprendieron como cosechar y usarlo para la cocina. Estableciendo conneciones a los alimentos a este edad es muy importante, y para ellos es un actividad especial y divertido.

We harvested kale, green beans, cherry tomatoes, huge heirloom tomatoes, purple amaranth leaves, chives, blackberries, blueberries, mint, basil, and the first green pepper of the season!

¡Cosechamos kale, ejotes, jitomates cherry, jitomates criollos grandotes, hojas de amaranto morado, cebollin, zarsamoras, moras, yerba buena, albahaca, y la primera pimienta verde de la época!

We used a scale to weigh the veggies and document how much our garden is producing. The kids loved sorting and weighing and got to use their math skills and play a guessing game of how much everything weighed.

Usamos una escala para pesar y documentar la cantidad de verduras que estamos produciendo en el huerto. Los niños se divirtieron mucho con la actividad, usaron sus matemáticas y adivinaron cuánto peso todo.


Barbara, our Horticultural Therapist and I lead the activities. She is great with the kids and is always enthusiastic and positive! We love having her around!

Barbara, nuestro Terapista de Horticultura y yo administramos los actividades. ¡Ella inspira los niños con su entusiasmo y positividad! ¡La queremos mucho!

After weighing the veggies, the kids washed them out and had a little too much fun as you can see in the photo!

Despues de pesar las verduras, los niños los lavaron y se divirtieron mucho!


Some other kids went with Barbara to see if any blueberries were ready to be picked! These are a different variety of blueberries that are very small and sweet.

¡Algunos niños fueron con Barbara para encontrar moras! Estas moras son una variedad chiquita y dulce.


Once the veggies were washed, the kids cut them up and we made a honey mustard lemon dressing from scratch. I showed them how to chop and we tested the dressing to see if we liked it. The kids mixed and tasted their own salad! It was hard to get the teens to try it, but with some encouragement some of them tried it and liked it.

Después de lavar las verduras, los niños los cortaron e hicimos un aderezo de mostaza, miel y lima. Mostré cómo cortar y probaron el aderezo. ¡Los niños mezclaron y probaron su proprio ensalada! Era más difícil motivar a los adolescentes a probar la ensalada, pero con un poco de esfuerzo, algunos lo probaron y les gustó.


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